ADATA DashDrive HV620 2.5" 500GB USB 3.0 AHV620-500GU3-C"

ADATA DashDrive HV620 2.5" 500GB USB 3.0 AHV620-500GU3-C"

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Капацитет500 GB
Скорост на диска 5400 rpm
Cache размер 8 MB
Максимална скорост на трансфер5 Gbit/s
USB 3.0
USB 2.0


Ширина78 мм
Височина15 мм
Дълбочина115 мм
Тегло165 г

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The DashDrive HV620 external hard drive offers up to a terabyte of storage capacity, with a sleek and glossy housing that is as easy in the hand as it is on the eye. The latest specification USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface provides the power and speed needed for conventional storage and backup applications. Scratch-Preventi on Design A raised lip on the edge of the drive protects the surface from scratching when the drive is laid flat.   Sleek and Glossy The sleek lines and reflective, smooth surface of the HV620 highlights its thin and elegant overall appearance. It is ideal for those who wish to maintain an aura of professionalism, or show off their technical savvy. LED Indicator Shows Transfer Status A bright blue LED lets you know when data is being read from or written to the HV620. This helps prevent disconnection during read/write operations. USB 3.0 The HV620’s USB 3.0 transmission interface enables transfer rates reach 90 megabytes per second in both read and write. Compared to USB 2.0, in file read/write or data backup, transmission time can significantly reduced up to 70%. Even for large files and data sets, complete backups can be completed more quickly and easier. Capacity  500GB
Color  Black
Dimensions (L x W x H) 115 x 78 x 15mm
Weight   165g
Interface   USB 3.0
Operating Temperature   5°C to 50°C Гаранция 3 години. Продукт известен още и като DashDrive HV 620 2 5 500 GB USB 3 0 AHV 620 500 GU 3 C, DashDriveHV62025500GBUSB30AHV620500GU3C, DashDrive HV620 2.5" 500GB USB 3.0 AHV620 500GU3 C", DashDriveHV62025500GBUSB30AHV620-500GU3-C, DashDrive HV620 2.5" 500GB USB 3.0 AHV620-500GU3 C"


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