Toshiba StorE Canvio 2.5" 2TB USB 3.0 HDTC720EW3CA

Toshiba StorE Canvio 2.5" 2TB USB 3.0 HDTC720EW3CA

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Капацитет2000 GB
Скорост на диска 5400 rpm
Cache размер 8 MB
Максимална скорост на трансфер5 Gbit/s
USB 3.0
USB 2.0


Ширина79 мм
Височина20.5 мм
Дълбочина111 мм
Тегло230 г

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STOR. E CANVIO - 2.5" - 2TB - white

Store data securely on the new STOR. E CANVIO external hard drive. It's quick and easy to transfer your files via SuperSpeed USB 3.0, and you can also organize data and backup files with pre-loaded NTI® Backup Now EZ software. You can even access your data remotely and wirelessly from another PC, tablet or smartphone!* Additionally you have 10GB free cloud storage. The STOR. E CANVIO comes with a glossy texture finish and is available in five colours.
* STOR. E CANVIO must be connected to a PC and WiFi environment. (PC must be on or in stand-by mode)

Interface USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)
Max. transfer rate ~ 5.0 Gbs
Enclosure Glossy piano finish
Color white
Capacity 2TB

File system NTFS (MS Windows)
*The drive can be re-formatted to HFS+ file system for full Mac compatibility.

Power USB bus power (max. 900mA)
Dimensions 111mm?79mm?20.5mm
Weight 230g
Backup software NTI Backup Now EZ
Mac NTFS compatibility driver Tuxera NTFS for Mac
Remote access software Pogoplug PC
Others 10GB Cloud Storage (Pogoplug)

System requirements:
Windows® XP / Windows® 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
Apple® Mac OS X 10.6. 6 / 10.6. 7 / 10.6. 8 / 10.7 / 10.8
CPU with 750 MHz or faster, 10MB system hard disk space, 256MB system memory, one free port of USB 3.0 or USB 2.0

Box content:
NTI Backup Now EZ software (pre-loaded)
Tuxera NTFS for Mac driver software (pre-loaded)
Pogoplug PC for Toshiba (pre-loaded)
USB 3.0 micro-B cable
Quick Start Guide
User's Manual (pre-installed on the hard drive)
Warranty Leaflet Продукт известен още и като StorE Canvio 2 5 2 TB USB 3 0 HDTC 720 EW 3 CA, StorECanvio252TBUSB30HDTC720EW3CA

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